Jarosław Narymunt Rożyński

Letter to the Muslims brothers

6 june 2016r

Persecutee sera de Dieu l'Eglise, Et les saincts Temples seront expoliez,
L'enfant la mere mettra nud en chemise, Seront Arabes aux Pollons ralliez.

Jarosław Narymunt Rożyński,
from the house of Saxons,
from the bloodline of The Grand Duke of Lithuania Giedyminas,
of the royal blood from the rittmeister Roman Rożyński of Kingdom of Poland,
of blood of Ukraine's Cossacks Black Hetman Bohdan Rożyńki,
son of Roman Michael Rożyński,

To the Muslim brothers,

God sends us to the trial,
Our faith and truth of his patience,
Our common fate and path of new millenium,
Soul and truth, strengh of blood of ours and of our generation.

I have seen the past, where our fate were touched,
Where Poland stand and protected people of Germany, Austria, France and Spain,
When there was no wars between Poland and Turkey border,
Where brothers shed their blood deceived by fraud.

I have seen a Duke of Lotarynthia, that headed on Esztergom,
Austria lost in fear, Europe on the nees under her sins,
Poland lost in sarmathy, greed and chaos,
Imperial messengers kneeling in the city of Lviv.

The common blood we have lost in Vienna,
The common fate we have lost for centuries,
A great sin divided our paths,
The highest price paid of our children,
Poland fell for centuries,
Turkey imprisoned at the gate of Europe.

I saw the partition of Poland's Commonwealth,
Where Austria, Germany and Russia doomed our children,
Poland removed from maps of Europe,
Sultan of Turkey that messenger of Poland were waiting,
Hunger, death, heresy and murder on the body of Europe.

I saw the black crosses on the chests of German murderers,
The fallen Pope with his hands in the blood of the Slavic land,
Death camps in the name of a false god,
Genocide in the name of pure breed of Satan himself.

I saw a barbarian muscovites without honor and faith,
False churches of bastards Mongolia,
Cursed whore on the Tsar's throne,
Polish children in hell slaughtered like animals on Volhynia.

Gone lost, we have gone lost tempted by the devil himself,
Against each other in a fraud surrender,
By Germans and Russia deceived and betrayed,
With our own land cheated and robbed,
Poland and Turkey against each other by enemies turned.

I see Russia without a shame, and without a truth I see Germania,
False words of false faith,
American knife beneath Polish and Turkish throat,
Russian rifle in front of our face,
Vile traitors without honor and faith.

I appeal to you -
Do not be fooled again by Satan
You do not raise a hand on Poles
Love your brothers in the land of Lechistan.

Never again Poles and Turks must stand on the paved ground,
Must not our fate by Russia and Germania divided be,
Must not Americans drown our children in greed of oil and gold,
Must not people without faith and honor turn sons of one God turns agains each other.

We must not make the same mistake again,
We must not forget our children, fathers of Ottomans and Lechistan.

For hundreds of years we were colonies of the fallen civilizations,
For centuries we were slaves in our own home,
In the name of profit, oil, gold, lies and false faith,
Deprived of freedom and dignity on our own lands,
Plagued by traitors, without faith, without honor, without God in the heart and without a father.

There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet,
One father almighty and one Jesus Christ his son,
There is one Crown of Poland with one Eagle,
One Turkey, jewel of the all Arabiya,
And there is only one Dragon in Asia under the one sky.

I see a future in which shines a jewel of Islam and a gold Crown of Lechistan,
White and Black Rus, Sarmatia, Crimea and Khazaria,
They will see the true face of the army of Lechistan,
I see a future where the face of the Dragon lick the Urals,
Where Germania burned in sin go away in the depths,
Where Russia drown in hell,
Paid for all crimes against the children of Turkey and Lechistan.

I see the New World Order,
The Crown of Poland stands on the north,
Turkey returns to the rightfull place,
China brings all us together under the skies.

I believe in our common future,
I believe in one God Almighty,
The great wisdom of thousands of generations,
In the new millennium, a new world order,
Eternal peace between the Crown, China and Muslims.

A new age and a new era is comming,
The Great Empire of Ottomans will be back,
New world order and a great return of the Dragon,
Find a patience and trust in one God,
Seek the Fatima of Lechistan.

I pray for peace and truth between us.

Jarosław Narymunt Rożyński
Ramadan, 6th of June, Anno domini 2016
Castle of Jan III Sobieskie, Rzucewo
Societas Draconistrarum, The Order of The Dragon